Are you a minimalistic but love your colours? Or maybe you just prefer the neutral tones.  I wanted to talk about all the different ways you can still keep a look minimal by adding just a pop of colour to your wardrobe.

I never use to be a fan of any other colour apart from black, white or beige. I thought this was my idea of keeping it “simple”. Recently, not only have I learnt to experiment with different colours, but I have learnt to appreciate what a pop of colour can do to an outfit. While this is not changing my style, it’s simply just evolving it.

I believe choosing a colour that suits your skin tone first of all makes such a huge difference. A colour I have been loving recently is lemon/yellow. It instantly lifts my mood whenever I’m wearing it (it just reminds me of the sunshine!), but I also find it suit’s my complexion and my dark features. It’s important to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing and keep it natural, this way you know you can invest in similar items and therefore making our shopping habits that little bit more sustainable.


Another fact I believe is important while still keeping it minimal, is to wear block colours. Try not to mix colours when putting together an outfit, it can sometimes look a little messy if the colours don’t suit each other – more so, it defeats the object of keeping it minimal. I’ve linked some items below which I’m loving but also to give you an idea of what I mean…


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