So the long awaited summer season is finally here! As much as we all love a good fashion trend, let’s not forget the importance of comfort and quality in the meantime.

I’ve recently purchased some linen fabric clothing and I can’t tell you how comfortable and light it feels. I’ve always heard good things about linen, whether that be clothing, bedding or even curtains, but never got round to trying it out!

Below I’ve listed some key advantages of wearing linen clothing:


Linen clothing is a hard wearing fabric and therefore provides a long lasting usage for everyday wear. It can be washed at the recommended temperature as often as needed. DID YOU KNOW: The more you wash linen clothing the softer it becomes.


Like I mentioned above, linen is so light fitting so its perfect for those warmer days! As linen fibres are hollow they allow more airflow over your body than other materials. DID YOU KNOW: Those who wear linen clothes sweat 1,5 times less than those who choose clothes made from basic cotton.


Many people suffer from allergies, especially during the summer season. It has been said that certain types of fabrics often agitate their symptoms due to the fabrics allowing moisture to build up. Well with Linen this is not an issue! As you now know Linen is very breathable, it allows air to move around freely and therefore, releases moisture very fast. Now I’m not saying this is going to get rid of your allergies, but it definitely seems the safer option given the above evidence!!


As you may have already guessed by now, linen is very comfortable given its breathable and lightweight attributes. like I said at the beginning of this blog, we must not forget the important of comfort. Being in the sun can sometimes be uncomfortable as it is, wouldn’t you rather be wearing something loose than tight fitting? yep, I thought so too.


So I couldn’t not talk about the fashion related benefit to linen clothing now could I? Linen clothing has been around for what feels like forever, by the 1990’s it had become a summer holiday staple! whether its linen dresses, white paper bag trousers, linen shirts or shorts – Linen is such a staple wardrobe piece! It can sometimes be a tad on the expensive side, but given its long lasting aspects and its stylish aesthetic it’ll definitely be worth the £!!!


Well sure, there will always be down sides to anything… that’s life right? So let me list a few things to consider when purchasing linen clothing:

  • Linen creases.
  • Linen is more expensive than cotton.




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