Does anyone else constantly put pressure on themselves? I feel like this is such a huge factor in life. I mean, it’s only normal to feel a little pressure every now and then. But what if i’m constantly questioning myself, overthinking and trapping myself in this enormous negative bubble… how do I control it?

I for one am a massive culprit of this. Specially with my blogging interests, i’m always feeling HUGE amounts of pressure, comparing myself to others, worrying if i’m creating the right content or losing followers and not getting myself out there as much as others. Pressure can really affect your mental health if it gets out of hand.

The reason I wanted to talk about this with you guys is because given our current situation, we have no choice but to stay indoors, some of us are struggling what to do with ourselves, whilst in the meantime seeing others doing a million workouts, making endless amounts of banana bread and posting 2-3 times a day. How do they do it all? Where do they find the motivation? Every single one of us is different. Some people like to take it easy, other like to keep busy at all times, and that’s OK! Just because others may be doing more than you, does not mean you need to do the same. You don’t need to put that pressure onto yourself. Stick on Netflix and binge Friday Night Dinner or grab one of your favourite books and create a little corner for yourself to get lost in.

One of my favourite ways to help dealing with pressure is to write it all down:

  • Make a list of all the things causing pressure to yourself
  • Evaluate why it is causing you so much pressure. Is it because you’re not doing enough? Or is it because you’re not doing it at all?
  • Write down all the ways you can release the pressure; if it’s a task, can you postpone it to another day?
  • Some people like to schedual their weeks, as much as it can be a good idea for some people to stay motivated; this can also create some kind of pressure if tasks are not met. SCRAP IT! If its causing you stress/pressure don’t do it. Do your tasks as and when you can.

Of course, if writing doesn’t seem like the best solution for you, talking to someone is the best alternative. Getting it all out in the open so you’re not holding this huge burden inside you. Talking to the right person means that they can hopefully give you some feedback/advise on ways to deal with your worries.

One very important thing to remind ourselves is that OUR MENTAL HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING. Do not lose yourself because you didn’t clean the house on Thursday or because you haven’t posted on instagram for three days. When it comes to your mental health, it’s not worth it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If anyone is struggling with anything or needs someone to talk to, my dm’s are always open and I will try and give you the best advise… I’ve always been better at giving advise then taking it… so my mother tells me anyway!

Stay safe, Stay positive x

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