Blazers are such a staple wardrobe piece. Whether they are your neutrals or a bright colour for those extra days… every girl needs one!

But today I’m here to talk to you guys about my white blazer, kindly gifted by Misspap and all the different ways to style it.

As you may have already seen over on my instagram, I have chosen to style this blazer with a pair of loose white trousers and a sleek hairstyle. White on white is always a winner…(unless of course your eating spaghetti bolognese, then maybe I’d suggest changing outfits haha)



I love the fact this blazer has a belt so it adds more detail to the complete look. Not only this but with the loose trousers it may be a little overwhelming. Adding the belt on the waistline just helps tie the outfit together.

I’ve added some items below that you could also wear with your white blazer:

  • Sequin tights
  • Cycling shorts (black or white)
  • White trousers
  • Crop tops/Bralette
  • White jeans


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