With this time stuck indoors, lets talk about self portraits, how to get creative and most importantly make taking photos FUN!

Steps in taking the best Self portraits:

Make sure you have a clear/neutral background –

If you don’t have a plain background indoors, not to worry! Just grab a couple white sheets from the airing cupboard, lay one across the floor and if you can find an area where you can hang the other sheet; maybe you’ve got a blind rail which you can clip it onto, or a door frame.. it really doesn’t matter, because when you’ve got it all set up you should hopefully not be able to see it in the shot anyway! (obviously if your sheets are MEGA creased, you may want to iron it out a little… I am guilty of this on a few occasions!)

This is one I created the other day:

Take a close up –

Ok so not everyone is super excited about getting up close and personal with the camera, I mean it could show off all our flaws right? Well here’s a few tips on how to create an ideal close up portrait:

Do your hair nicely – If your hairs naturally straight, maybe give it a curl so its something different for your viewers.

Put on a little eyeshadow – A close up will deffo make people appreciate the little details in your make up.

Pucker up! Add a little lipstick/gloss for a more bold look.

Find the right angle – Obviously we all have that “good side”.. well when you are closer to the camera its important to find the right angle which your most comfortable with. Trying new poses or tilting your head a little more than usual may just be that extra little step for that perfect close up.

Lighting – This is one of the most important steps in taking any photo! But when taking a close up you want it to be detailed, bright and eye catching. Making sure your photos are high quality will always be a winner to attracting more of an audience!

Jewellery – Like I said with the eyeshadow, it’s all about the little details which can really enhance your close up self portraits. Adding some earrings or a nice necklace not only will shine with your good lighting, but it adds more contrast to your photo.

Here’s an example I took the other week: (as you can see I forgot to iron this sheet, but being my first self portrait I think I’ll let this one slide…)


Be creative! Add some furniture or a cute plant:

Why not make your self portraits a little more creative?! A white sheet is more of a professional and clean looking shot, which is always a winner. But for those who like to get a little more creative here’s some things you can add to help you get all artsy:

Sit on a chair/stool – Instead of just sitting on the floor or standing in front of your set up, add a coloured chair or something that will suit your theme (one for the bloggers) to add a bit of character.

Add in a cute plant – Whether its your favourite plant pot or a few petals on the floor, this really helps with the aesthetic of your portrait.

Coffee cup/laptop – If you still want that professional look but you don’t like a plain background these are the perfect ‘props‘ for you.

Here’s a couple of examples:


If you guys do have any questions on anything I have covered or not covered in this blog post feel free to message me over on Instagram – @imchelsierose and I’d be happy to help!

Stay safe x

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