Are you use to taking photos on the go? Have a preferred location to shoot your outfits? Or do you always rely on a photographer to take your photos?

I’m here to talk about how to make the most of our current situation and how you can create content just as good content indoors! Majority of my content is shot outdoors (preferably London based) and where I live on the outscerts of London, its not just as simple as going out for my hour exercise and quickly snapping that outfit shot.

So here are a few of my tips while learning to create content indoors:

  • Find a location in your house that has the best lighting
  • Make sure you have a clean background (no dirty laundry on the floor or rubbish you left on the armchair etc..)
  • Keep your niche the same throughout – some people may find it difficult getting that full body outfit shot and go on to creating make up flat lays or taking endless snaps of their pets (cute and all..) but that’s not the reason your followers followed you in the first place. Some of your audience may loose interest and therefore jeopardising the balance of engagement.
  • Be creative – as well as making sure your keeping your area clean, try involving some of your home décor to attract viewers. A cute plant or stylish chair is always a winner.
  • Selfies – in my opinion selfies are a hit OR miss. If they work for you then great the more selfies the better! However if you find your selfies don’t reach as many viewers than normal try to avoid this if you can. You want to keep your engagement as good as it can be.
  •  Pinterest – this is always a good idea to get inspo from other creators. As long as you do not copy their work, it’s a very helpful tool to bring idea’s to life.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t be too harsh on yourself. At the end of the day creating content is suppose to be fun and exciting, you should post what you love and what inspires you.

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