So the past couple of weeks I’m sure have been very difficult for all of us. I myself have struggled getting use to working from home, adapting to creating content indoors and generally keeping up with day to day life. I feel everything is a bit up in the air at the moment and all I can keep thinking is how long will this all last? When are we going to get back to normal living? How will we know when its safe to leave our homes for good?

There’s so many questions that could be asked… but none of us know the answers.

That is why in todays post I wanted to share some handy tips that we can all use to keep us going and lift are moods, but most importantly to keep us SANE!

Exercise –

It’s so important during this period to use our 1 hour exercise where we can, whether that be walking your pets, riding your bike or simply just going for a walk. But if you don’t fancy going outdoors or the weather is miserable, why not try a home workout? I’ve recently been doing daily yoga to help relieve stress and reduce muscle cramps (it’s also a great alternative to doing an intense workout if this is not your cup of tea!)

Games –

using this time to spend quality time with your family / partner. Playing games kind of takes your mind away from everything and lets you focus on what you are actually doing.This is great way to lift the mood and keep you busy when your feeling bored. Although, I wouldn’t suggest frustration or Monopoly… it never ends well lets be honest.

Cleaning –

I know this may already sound boring, but has anyone else started cleaning and instantly you go into this zone, it’s like a trance and I swear you forget about everyone and everything. Personally I find cleaning very therapeutic. There’s also a great sense of achievement when it’s all done and dusted!

Make a change –

this could be about anything, whether it’s your style, rearranging your furniture, your hobbies or how you see /approach things. This is the time to use your ability to make changes about your lifestyle.

Communicate –

its important to keep in touch with your loved ones / friends during this time. Whether it be a simple text, phone, or video call. It lets the person know you were thinking of them and can really make an impact on peoples day. We are so lucky to have the internet and be able to stay in touch wherever we are. Let’s make the most of the tools we have, to help us get through this time together.

Quality time –

spending time with your family / partner / housemates is such a great way to connect with each other. For me I really enjoy sitting in the living room of an evening with my parents and just watching a movie together. You can also spend lunch/dinner times with one another – just catch up on how your all doing and have a bit of a chit chat!

I hope we all come out of this with positive minds and our outlook on life will be very different. Over the time spent indoors, we learn to appreciate what we may have took for granted – things like going to the movies, nights at the pub, date nights with your partner. But it’s not just about the activity side of things, in this time it really doesn’t matter whether your rich, poor, celebrity, non celebrity… we are all in the exact same boat. We are all living this moment together. We are all human.

Let’s all support each other by staying indoors, keeping each other safe and healthy. We’ve got this.

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