Our trip to Corfu, Greece

On the 6th of October my partner and I visited Corfu in Greece for our anniversary.

This was a first time visit to Greece for the both of us so we was so excited to see what Corfu had to offer and boy did it deliver!!!

The hotel that we stayed at was called the ‘Sensimar Nissaki Beach by Atlantica’ which was previously refurbished and it looked incredible!! As we arrived at the hotel we was greeted with drinks while they checked our room was ready- well this is what I got told anyway! (really my boyfriend was getting the ring he bought me up to the room, which I had no idea about!)

When they eventually returned to me we made our way up to our room.

i couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I walked through the door. Not only was the room amazing but there was rose petals all over the floor and bed, flowers and champagne on the side with some love heart chocolates and not to forget the promise ring my boyfriend had got me, which was placed perfectly in the middle of the bed!

It was such a beautiful start to our holiday. For the first couple of days we decided to stay in the hotel, we booked a swim up room so this was ideal instead of going to the main pool every day and it was just more privacy which was nice.

On the Monday, which was the day of our anniversary I hired a boat for the whole day which was SO FUN! When we got there they upgraded us as we mentioned we was on holiday for our anniversary, which was very nice of them!

Neither of us had driven a boat before and it was just the two of us going out! But we made it back in one piece, so I guess we didn’t do too bad haha.

We went all along the coast and stopped at a few nice bays. I did most of the sunbathing while my boyfriend was in the sea/beach.


In the afternoon my partner decided he wanted to give me my anniversary present which he had brought on the boat. He had wrapped the present in a towel and put it on my lap to open. I was very confused at this point. As I opened up the towel I could see something brown and fluffy, it was a stuffed toy dog.

I couldn’t help but laugh and ask ‘is this some kind of joke?’ and my boyfriend just looked at me blankly. I have a dog at home called Oscar so I asked if it was suppose to be him? he said no. I WAS SO CONFUSED. So the teddy was cute and everything but after my boyfriend telling me my present was going to be a bit pricey, I certainly didn’t expect a stuffed dog lol.

As he could see I was confused he then explained that when we would get back from our holiday he would buy me a PUPPY!!! (I’m generally quite good at getting hints but this time I literally had no idea this was his plan)

I was OVER THE MOON. I just kept getting asking him ‘are you serious?!’ but it was very serious. Ted is currently laying beside me.

When we got back to the hotel I literally had an HOUR to get ready, which us girls all know is deffo not enough time to get ready!! We had an organised meal complimentary of the hotel down by the pool.

As we got down there we were greeted with a glass of champagne each and sat looking out on the pool with all the lights which looked beautiful!! We chose a starter and main course and just as we was about to order dessert they told us that they had already organised a special dessert for us. We was spoilt rotten and i couldn’t of thanked the hotel enough for having us and the staff for being so friendly and generous!

The day before we left we booked a massage which included a sauna and access to the spa which was lovely! We love a good spa day and to have it before we left couldn’t have been any better timing,  we felt so relaxed and content on the way home. It just ended our holiday perfectly!

I would recommend this hotel to anyone who’s looking to go on holiday to Corfu, Greece for a get away. It adults only and all guests are all inclusive so its perfect for a romantic holiday or just some time away from the kids haha!!

That’s it until our next adventure..

Thanks for reading!

Love Chelsie x


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